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ART NEWS Jonny Briggs ,Simon Oldfield Gallery  【artlyst】


Artist Jonny Briggs Examines Connections Between Home, Body And Bloodline

The first UK solo show of artist Jonny Briggs titled 'Ancestral Home' is presented at the Simon Oldfield Gallery 26 April - 21 May.Following on from recent successful and critically acclaimed international exhibitions, Briggs takes inspiration from his own family circle by examining connections between home, body and bloodline. photography, photomontage, tapestry and sculpture are presented alongside a laboratory incubator in which will grow mutated human cells throughout the exhibition.

Briggs explains, “Towards the end of my Grandmother's life, it became increasingly hard for her to clean and maintain her home. The walls becoming ever more yellow with cigarette stains, they became inescapably linked to her lungs. Whenever I would visit, it would be like walking in to her body, and a daunting reminder of its deterioration; a reminder that we make our environment and our environment makes us. The home and the body are intimately entwined.”

As a first, Briggs has installed a laboratory incubator within the gallery, which will grow human cervical cancer cells in the form of a small house immersed in red liquid called 'medium' which feeds the cells, kept at 37 degrees Celsius, throughout the exhibition. This powerful piece, entitled Dummy, is a direct comment on how disease can invade our perceptions of self, family and home.

Jonny Briggs (b. 1985) lives and works in London. Since graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design and Royal College of Art (MA), Briggs has exhibited at Saatchi Gallery, London, 176 Zabludowicz Collection, London, Marta Herford Museum, Germany, Photographers' Gallery, London, and FaMa Gallery, Verona. Awards include Saatchi’s New Sensations 2011 Winner, the Conran Award, the Lumi Honorary Art Award, Catlin Prize (Finalist) and NESTA Creative Sparks Award. Extensive press and features include the British Journal of Photography, The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, La Stampa, Arte Italia, Dazed, Wallpaper magazine, Time Out, Design Week Magazine, BBC, Channel 4 and Sky.

Visit Exhibition Here


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ART NEWS Chelsea College of Art and Design, MA Exhibitions 【artlyst】

Chelsea College of Art Announce 2013 MA Fine Art Exhibitions

Over 100 MA students from one of the UK's longest established postgraduate fine art courses will show their work in a unique, two-part exhibition at Chelsea College of Art and Design during April.

'In Two Parts' showcases students on Chelsea's prestigious MA Fine Art. The intensive, 45-week taught master's boasts many famous graduates, including Anish Kapoor, Mike Nelson, Rebecca Warren, Kimio Tsuchiya, Mariele Neudecker and Andreas Oehlert. The course covers the whole fine art spectrum, and work on show includes installation, sculpture, painting, drawing, film, print and performance art.

As an interim show, In Two Parts represents the midpoint of the MA Fine Art course, and offers a unique snapshot of students' work, often in progress, at a key moment in their academic careers. Instead of seeing finished, polished pieces, visitors to the exhibition will gain an insight into the process of producing an artwork, and discover what it's like to study fine art as a postgraduate at Chelsea.

"This exhibition documents the atmosphere and process of re-evaluation, risk and exploration that takes place on the course," says course director Brian Chalkley. "The diverse cultural interaction is central to this experience."

Chelsea College of Art and Design is one of six colleges that make up University of the Arts London. The world's leading specialist creative university, UAL also hosts the largest postgraduate arts and design community in Europe.

Chelsea offers its postgraduate courses through the CCW Graduate School. Fine art courses there include an MFA Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art and MA Fine Art Digital (Visual Arts) at Camberwell College of Arts, which explores what art is in the digital age.

Peter Doig another renowned graduate of Chelsea's MA fine art, also studied at Central Saint Martins. Students at the university are able to develop their fine art practice at different levels across UAL's six colleges, which all offer courses from foundation to PhD.

Chelsea College of Art and Design MA Fine Art Interim Show: In Two Parts takes place from 18-20 April 2013 at Triangle Space and Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Art and Design.

In Two Parts: Chelsea College of Art & Design from 18 – 20 April.

Visit Exhibition Here


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Layer by Layer 【design week】

3D printing is taking a sartorial turn. From this week London College of Fashion will be exhibiting a selection of 3D printed clothes, accessories and shoes from more than ten different designers in the Layer by Layer show.

Source: courtesy of the designer Marla Marchant

Exploring the use of digital 3D printing in fashion, Ron Arad’s new range of 3D printed glasses for PQ Eyewear will be on display. Printed in laser sintered nylon, his designs dispense with the need for metal hinges in the arms of the glasses.
Archway pq eyewear by Ron Arad

Daniel Widrig, another trained architect foraying into the fashion world will also have his work on display. Producing ‘wearable sculptures’, his laser-sintered polyamide jewellery is inspired by architecture and fashion.
Morph Jewellery, Julia Gaimster and Enrique Ramos

Layer by Layer will also feature the Melonia shoe, which was developed by Naim Josefi with industrial designer Souzan Yusouf. Each shoe is printed according to precise foot measurements.

Melonia shoe

Layer by Layer has been produced by consultancy Saint H and Fashion Digital Studio at London College of Fashion, and moost of what is on display at this exhibition will be highly experimental prototypes. Gemma Williams, gallery curator says, ‘It’s a snapshot of the 3D printing industry as it stands currently.’

Naim Josefi and Souzan Youssouf, printed by i.materialise

There will also be a 3D printer running in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition, printing objects to be put on display during the show’s tenure.
Rapid Form Shoe, Chau Har Lee

Layer by Layer is running from 10 April – 18 May 3 at the Fashion Space Gallery, First Floor, London College of Fashion, 20 John Princes Street, London W1G


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