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【宝くじ一等賞を当てた4人】 In fashion's famous footsteps 【thisisnottingham】


THEY are following in the footsteps of Stella McCartney, Katherine Hamnett, Matthew Williamson and Alexander McQueen to study at one of the most prestigious fashion colleges in the country.
Four New College Nottingham graduates have been selected by Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London.

'Nerve-wracking': Work by 20-year-old student Alex Watts.

Alexander Bucko and Adam McKee, both 19, will study for a BA degree in fashion design womenswear, while Alex Watts, 20, and Will Scarbourough, 19, will study for a BA in fashion communication and promotion.
For their tutor Caroline Jackson, to have four students selected is a big achievement.

"I've been teaching here for four years and this is the first time I've got anyone into Central Saint Martins to study fashion,  私はこの学校で4年間教職に就いているが、セントマーチンズのファッション学部に生徒が合格したのはこの4年で初めてのことです。" says Caroline, who teaches fashion on the diploma in foundation studies in art and design at the NCN campus in Stoney Street.
"I keep saying to them that it's like winning the lottery. I think there were ten places open to UK students on the womenswear course and they got two of them. セントマのBA Fashion Womenswearに合格するのは宝くじ一等を当てるようなものといつもファウンデーションの生徒に言っていました。イギリス人は10人しか合格できないBA Fashion Womenswearに2人も合格しました。It's good for us here at NCN because once they've had students from us, they will look more favourably on us in the future."
Much of the students' portfolios contained work from their final projects which they exhibited last week. Alexander Bucko from Arnold, who showed off his Japanese-inspired designs, says of his successful application: "It makes me feel like my work has potential and it's given me the best opportunity there is to get into the industry.
"My parents are over the moon because they know how much I wanted this and have talked about it."
University alumni include musicians Jarvis Cocker and PJ Harvey and actors Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth.
But the students know they've got a tough few years ahead.
Adam McKee says: "I think it's going to be more intense than college has been. I really respond well to creative people so I'll thrive under the pressure."
The students fulfilled a project brief before being invited to London to show their portfolios and going through a rigorous interview.
Alex Watts, from Normanton on the Wolds, wants to go on to work in magazines or public relations.
She says: "It's very exciting but also very nerve-wracking. We've been told the first term will be the hardest of our life."
Will Scarborough, 19, who only recently found a passion for fashion and photography, hopes that the course will bring out the best in him.
He says: "Being surrounded by creative people brings something out in me that I didn't know was there."


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