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A New Portrait: Coco Chanel On Show 【VOGUE UK】


COCO CHANEL is the subject of a new exhibition opening at the London College of Fashion (LCF) next month. The display will feature portraits of the designer taken by her friend, Californian artist Marion Pike.

The showcase will look at the friendship between the two, exploring their life stories and their creative influences. Pike first met Chanel in 1967, when she was asked to create the designer's portrait - a large-scale painting that pays homage to her skills as a colourist.

The exhibition will feature five portraits of Chanel, alongside couture pieces worn by Pike and her daughter, Jeffie Pike Durham, who loaned each of the displayed pieces. Curated by LCF professor Amy de la Haye, the display is on show between September 4 and November 16 at the college's Fashion Space Gallery on John Princes Street, London W1.


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