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Google's interactive art installation turns random words into poetry

セントマーチンズのMA Narrative Environments を今年修了した木村さんがコンペで選ばれたプロジェクトは何とあのGoogle様!規模が違うぜ、セントマ!

昨年から動いていたこのMA Narrative EnvironmentsとGoogleのプロジェクトの実際のインスタレーションがオフィシャルに公表されました。

まずGoogle UKがキングスクロスに越してくるので、KXコミュニティにSay helloする目的で工事中の壁にインスタレーションを作るというブリーフでした。リサーチから初めて、コンセプトとデザインまで私達でやったのですが、(ファブリケーションがGoogleという感じです。)最終的なデザインは、キングスクロスに来た人全てが参加できる(エリアが現在都市再開発をしているので実際にはコミュニティなどないという論結)マイクに話した言葉がランダムにディスプレイに表示されて一つのポエトリーをつくるというCollective Art Experienceです。
リファレンスとインスピレーションににRail Stationのサインシステム、Speaking Tube、 Exquisite corpes、俳句などを使っています。

Google has unveiled an interactive art installation that turns random words into poetry that then appears on an electronic billboard in north London.


Called Poetrics, the installation is made up of 17 LED panels that display words spoken into microphones placed at street level as randomly created poetry.

It has been placed on the hoardings around the development site of Google's new Kings Cross offices for passers-by to interact with, and is promoting the Knowledge Quarter's upcoming Curious Arts Festival.

stream_img (1).jpg
Designers (left to right) Laura Ventura Ricart, Emily Kimura and Yunqi Cai of Poetrics Credit: PA

The project is the result of a competition run in partnership with University of the Arts London's Central Saint Martins college to create an "interactive experience for the Kings Cross community".

The installation uses Google's voice search technology and the Google Speech platform to recognise what is being said, and then placing it within the newly created poetry.

“Thousands of people pass by our development site at Kings Cross every day so we wanted to create an experience which would help bring them together. We loved the idea from the students to produce randomly created poetry as passers-by talk into the installation.”


stream_img (2).jpg

Laura Ventura Ricart, an MA Narrative Environments student and part of the Poetrics team said:

“We saw Poetrics as an opportunity for people to have a collective and meaningful experience playing with language and the absurd, just as the Dada did in their surrealist game 'the Exquisite Corpse'. Poetrics' interactive wall collects and assembles words spoken by the people of Kings Cross and turns them into random poetry made by all.”


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